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Sunday, July 6th, 2014 - Kitchen

Kitchen ideas for light cabinet – Every room needs attention when we decorate them, and each of this room has an essential furniture which we need to pay extra attention when decorating them. For example, when we decorating bedroom, then the main furniture are the bed itself, therefore we need to choose the bed carefully, if we decorate living room the main furniture is the seating set therefor we need to choose them carefully and so on. As for the kitchen the main furniture is the cabinets. There are basically two types of kitchen cabinets according to the colors, dark kitchen cabinets and light kitchen cabinets. This time we will talk about Kitchen ideas for light cabinets.

kitchen ideas light cabinets

Colors is important
The first Kitchen ideas for light cabinets is to choose the right color for your cabinets. Surely most people choose light chrome and white kitchen cabinets, those are the most favorite colors for light kitchen cabinets. But those are not the only light colors you can bring to your kitchen, add other pastel colors such as light blue, soft yellow and other light colors you can think of.

Give accent to your cabinets
Don’t let your cabinets, plain like that, add accents to them, especially if you like a brighter kitchen. You can either add a painting on your kitchen cabinets or you can distress them to give, the more antique look, or you can do both? That’s a great idea.

Choose brighter furniture
The problem with light colored cabinets on kitchen ideas light cabinet is they tend to make your kitchen look a little bit plain and classic, but you can make them look brighter by choosing bright colored furniture. For example, if your kitchen cabinets and island counter come in creme, then be brave, choose a red chair for your kitchen island and counter or you can have a more colorful surface like yellow probably. They will certainly make your kitchen look more cheerful.

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